Life of Dave

Life of Dave

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Bear Sighting

Yesterday was our final group training session before next weekend's Scotia Bank Half Marathon in Vancouver. In recent weeks we've been training in the vicinity of False Creek and Stanley Park. A very picturesque venue to be sure, but since this week was a shorter run (only 12 km) we decided to switch locales to another favourite, Mount Seymour Demonstration Forest park.

At the 2 km marker, a rare straight stretch, we came across a cyclist signaling us by waving his arms above his head quite some distance ahead. A few seconds later the source of his concern ambled out of the underbrush; a black bear!

Our record of no wildlife sightings (except for chipmunks) has officially come to an end.

The image is a bit pixelated but it's the best my iPhone would accommodate based on the distance we were away from the bear. I couldn't confidently gauge the bear's size but I don't think it was full grown; which was another reason we kept our distance as Momma Bear was probably close by also.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Star Sighting

The massive photo of Bono in yesterday’s Vancouver Sun entertainment section gives me pause to reflect that last Saturday at our weekly jogging group I think I experienced a Bono sighting in Burnaby’s Central Park. Of course, not knowing his recreational pursuits I don’t know if Bono is a jogger. But if he is, I saw a fellow matching his general description of medium height and build with yellow-tinted glasses and facial stubble (wearing a hat, perhaps as disguise?) approach us on a trail near the duck pond going the opposite direction. It’s not often one sees yellow-tinted lenses, and one thing I do know is that such lenses are a Bono trademark. I seem to remember that they aren’t simply a mega-star attention-getter; he does suffer from a condition that requires him to wear coloured lenses.
I may not have been alert to the possibility of a Bono sighting that morning except for the fact that a few nights ago I experienced a 90s musical flashback as I walked my dog in our neighbourhood. As I covered the blocks I could swear that I was hearing snippets of U2 music being carried by the breeze. It’s not unusual that occasionally when the wind is blowing south we can hear bits of concerts at BC Place or Rogers Arena. As I "turn the key and slowly unlock the door, A man breathes into his saxophone" I thought I recognized “Bullet the Blue Sky”. I used to play that double live CD on road trips to Seattle in my youth; cranked of course.
Perhaps he was simply looking for a place where the trails have no names. But in that case Bono still hasn’t found what he’s looking for as the trails in Central Park are indeed named. We passed each other on the Terry Fox 5 km trail.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the Fourth Be With You Little Squirrel!

I was rearranging some stuff in the back of my car late this afternoon, wearing sandals, when I felt a tickling sensation on one foot. I instinctively whipped my foot away thinking it was maybe a spider. It’s been my experience that usually one shake will suffice for such an encounter.
But it happened again. Same tickling, same outrageous reflex.
This time I looked under the car. You’d never guess what caused the disruption; a baby squirrel!
Just then my neighbours were walking past with their small daughter on their way to get ice cream on the first warm summer-like evening we’ve had this cold Spring. Needless to say their daughter was thrilled, but a bit cautious as well, at seeing such an inquisitive little creature up close. The squirrel was either disoriented, hungry, or simply was too young to have developed a fear of humans. It seemed intent on nibbling human feet or shoes, so a volunteer went into the house to get some sunflower seeds.
After a few photos, and more neighbours arriving to “ooh and ahh” it was decided after a quick phone call to animal services that the little squirrel would be better served in care of an animal shelter close by. We surmised by the lack of any angry chattering from the trees from adult squirrels that the parents were not anywhere close by. I supplied a shoe box (with a handy air hole already provided; thanks “un-named” shoe company!) and my neighbor chauffeured the curious squirrel to the animal shelter, along with his curious daughter in tow trying her best not to lift the lid of the box lest her new furry friend escape.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sun Run 2017

Another successful Sun Run under our belts. Today I posted my 5th best elapsed time (58:35) in the 12 years since I've been participating in this event.

That's us in front of the Hotel Vancouver in the "Green" staging area.

Who knew the green group included dinosaurs?! (Actually I guess dinos
run really fast; these ones were in the "Yellow" group.

The "after" party in BC Place.

Friday, April 14, 2017

False Creek Light Show

The weather has been pretty cold and dreary this Spring, so today's patches of sunlight drew us to False Creek to walk our dog. The light for photography turned out to be fantastic. This time of year is really good for drastic contrasts; bright sun against dark, ominous clouds.
Science World.

That ominous squall in approaching from the west never did
catch us. Perhaps it was receding. 

Pillar art under the Cambie Street bridge.

I even managed to get a "stealth" shot of pirates moored in False Creek.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Icelandic Blues

Last night we took in the second of Kaleo's two Vancouver shows. Shauna bought tickets late last year right after the shows were announced. Nonetheless I was still pleasantly surprised to see how close to the stage were ended up. Row 7, although on the far right side.

However, I should have known it was too good to be true, because just as Kaleo hit the stage the usher appeared with a couple claiming we were in the wrong seats. Apparently we were (ours were 10 rows back) but these were the seats the usher had directed us to originally. No big deal. Our new seats offered an additional entertainment factor; a really drunk middle-aged couple that wouldn't stay still. They roamed/staggered up and down the aisle adjacent to us, they danced, they fist-punched the air and generally fought gravity to stay vertical on an obviously intoxicating mix of what I assume was alcohol. I wonder how much of the event they actually remember this morning.

The show itself was incredible. Kaleo is exactly the calibre of band you want to catch in a small venue at least once. I predict their next tour through Vancouver will be on a substantially larger scale.
It was starting to get a bit hazy in the auditorium before Kaleo
started their set.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mt Seymour Sun Run Training

Here's rain-soaked me at our annual Mt. Seymour Demonstration Forest Sun Run training session. It's always my goal to reach the 5 km marker.

This year I was surprised at how much energy I still had to increase my pace at 9 km. I guess the Sun Run InTraining Run Stronger program is working its magic!