Life of Dave

Life of Dave

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We celebrated Tannah's 10th birthday this past Sunday. We even got her a cake from a pet supply bakery on Main Street. We don't normally go nuts for a dog's birthday, but considering she's 10 and just got a good report from the vet, and of course since she's just such a great dog, we decided to have a bit of fun this time.


Happy Birthday Tannah!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Snow Fatigue

This year I think we're getting a sense of what winter really is for the rest of Canada. I think I may even be starting to sense "snow fatigue". As you may have guessed, it snowed again in East Van last night. Honestly, I can't remember a year where it snowed this much in four consecutive months. Mind you, I've only lived in Vancouver 17 years. The rest of my memories are from White Rock, but in terms of distance it's not that far away. However, I think where I live now is a bit higher in elevation.

Crocuses: normally a sign of Spring. Not this year.
Tomorrow's commute to work should be interesting. The snow has stuck to the side streets and it's forecast to dip down to about minus 1 tonight. That'll mean crusty ice tracks in my 'hood tomorrow morning. Maybe next year we'll revert back to the norm and I'll actually appreciate our typical West Coast catch phrase regarding the rain; "At least ya don't have to shovel it!"

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Big Yellow Trucks

Somewhere between Prince George and Burns Lake.
We just attended a friend's birthday last weekend and he had an interesting item from our childhoods on display. It was a yellow Tonka truck. We both had one as kids and apparently his Mom kept his and gave it to him recently, used as a prop for a plant. I'm not sure if this gift occurred for this recent birthday or not, but that would certainly make sense. Like I said, I had one too. I asked my Mom about mine and, sure enough she said she's kept mine all these years as well.

I think we were probably about 4 years old when we got these trucks and we'd lean on the dump bins of the trucks, crouched over, and run behind them. I'm surprised we didn't wear out the plastic tires. I guess there's some truth to "Tonka Tough".

Interestingly enough I traveled to Prince George this past week and drove to Burns Lake to review a building. Somewhere along the way (I've forgotten the name of the small town I passed through and can't seem to find it on Google Maps Street View) I came across a real-life Tonka dump truck. Not really made by Tonka of course, but it's pretty cool to stand beside to get a sense of how big one of these things really is. And this isn't even as big as they get. The bottom of the dump box on this truck was higher than I could see into. I think the tires were each about 5 feet high, and the truck's certainly too wide to navigate a standard width traffic lane. I'm not overly familiar with the Prince George/Burns Lake region in general, but I would think this truck was used in the mining industry, although all the large trucks I saw while I was there were involved with the logging industry.

"Tonka Tough"

Thursday, February 16, 2017

"On Steel Horse I Ride"

Mom and I took in the Cavalia Odysseo experience that is currently playing at False Creek in Vancouver this past weekend. It's quite a spectacle. At the beginning they request no photography during the show because flashes might distract and/or potentially cause harm to the performers, both human and equine. It was only later that I realized I could have gotten a few good shots without a flash; modern iPhones are that good. But then again, I really wanted to just sit and experience the show like one would have done in the good ol' days, without any electronic distractions. There are plenty of good Cavalia photos and videos on the internet. 

Of course the expected merch was well represented, and not unexpectantly it wasn’t cheap, but there were pieces on display outside near the entrance to the tent that I hadn’t expected; life size welded-metal horses! Pretty cool. But, as the saying goes, if you have to ask the price, it’s likely beyond your price range.

Spring is in the Air

Only 1 week ago we were wondering how (or if) Shauna was going to get to the airport the next morning for her trip to Quebec City. We already had about 6-7" of snow on the ground with up to 6 more inches predicted for the following morning, then turning to rain (i.e., slush).

But look at it today. Crocuses and Snow Drops have not only sprouted, but they're blooming! And the only snow left is in big piles, deposited by many shovels last week.

I think Tannah smelled more of the resident raccoon population than the flowers.

Snow Drops


Thursday, February 9, 2017

They’re Killing Us Softly (“You Betcha!”)

If we weren’t so far linearly removed from April Fool’s Day I would have dismissed this morning’s news byte as well-deserved humour amidst the recent barrage of US Executive Orders. But…it sounds like there could be US blow-back to Canada after all from Trump’s electoral smash & grab, either for Canada’s real-world immigration policy, or perhaps because nobody’d give ol’ Trumpy so much as a “thank-you” for a shirtless photo-bomb like our man JT, or even Trumpy’s man-crush Putin. No talk of a wall (yet) as with Mexico, but it’s almost sounding like a wall would be welcome news in place of what I just heard this morning (perhaps Canada could assertively launch a pre-emptive mission to erect a wall around Alaska).
The name in this morning’s report (from CBC no less) was “Palin”. And the context was potential US Ambassador to Canada. And no, unfortunately I’m not referring to Michael Palin of Monty Python fame. The question then becomes, does the White House really feel a need to step up to the plate every time Walmart denies entrance greeter employment to a past Republican party stalwart?
Honestly, I do regularly try to stay positive, but seriously, another addition to the DC Comic Strip “As the Oval Office Churns” (in this case, “DC” standing for District of Columbia)? We’ve already got President “Tweet”, “Dr. Evil” Bannon, “Cruella” Conway and “Angry” Spice(r). Incredulously must we now add Ms. “I can see Russia from my front doorstep (in Twin Peaks, Alaska)” Palin? My hands will barely permit me to type the name (she whose name shall not be spoken). This is truly another “Shock and Awe” moment. The only person I can think of that may remotely warm up to this most recent cabinet placement suggestion (and please God, let it only be a tongue-in-cheek suggestion!) is Lorne Michaels (creator of SNL).
I do admit that Alec Baldwin teamed with Tina Fey is absolute comedy gold, but even that isn’t adequate trade-off for the real-life absurdity of the potential situation. But as they say, ya just can’t make this stuff up.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Where Are All the Snow Drops?

If nothing else, the snow certainly is photogenic. I'm getting awfully tired of shoveling it, but I do like to photograph it.

Monday night's snowfall crippled it's fair share of the Transit fleet again.

It's gotten to the point that local snowmen don't know whether to stand up or
fall down, what with all the temperature swings.

We now have snow hedges at work. No pruning!

I had to throw in at least one abstract. Can you locate the hidden herd of Zebras?

Early morning light captured this bird's nest.