Monday, August 1, 2016

Rural Abbotsford on BC Day

The apples are almost ready for harvest.

Apparently it's bear country up in the hills near the Abbotsford-Mission border but all we saw was a deer. However it was too close to dusk to get a good photograph.

J-Tru Siting at Pride Parade

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"You are ahead by a century"

I’m sitting here thinking and typing, listening to “Trouble at the Henhouse” and “Up To Here” which I’d forgotten I had until the concert last night, and also various other tracks I’ve pulled up from Youtube (“…in my opinion, the drug is ready…”). At the concert I was trying to sing along but realized I remembered embarrassingly few lyrics (“…I put it off, I put it off, I put it off again…”). Some fan I am. To be fair to myself however, hearing those songs again (“…just what our apartment does while we’re not around does not concern us…”), especially from the early albums actually choked me up a bit hearing them blasted loud in an arena setting.

It’s really interesting and a bit enlightening for me to listen to my old favourite albums again and realize how few lyrics there actually are in the Hip’s songs. And upon closer examination I probably shouldn’t be surprised that they’re more poetry than I’d expected. A lot of times they don’t make a lot of sense. They’re often more thought fragments than stories really (“…lies over time with no apparent purpose…”). And for some reason I’m attracted to that.

A Hip concert really is a magical, often hypnotic experience. Another thing I’d forgotten.
I don’t remember after which encore it was, maybe after both, or maybe it was after the seemingly endless applause following “Grace, Too”, but Gord looked out at the audience and seemed quite authentically awed. I know the circumstances of this concert tour are extraordinary but it was a truly Canadian cultural moment to see a nation come together to celebrate a man (and don’t forget the rest of the band) that’s shunned potential wider commercial success internationally in persisting in promotion of Canadian culture and history domestically.
I commented to my wife that Gord didn’t say much to the crowd throughout the 2 hour-plus concert but as she pointed out, there’s really nothing to say (“No dress rehearsal, this is our life…”).  Gord’s struggle is out there and we just have to be grateful we have a chance and a venue (multiple venues actually) to give back to him and the band.
“They shot a movie once, in my home town. Everyone was in it, from miles around…
Having never seen the skit on which the band’s name is reportedly based, I none-the-less feel pretty confident that the “tragically” portion of the name was not intended to be taken quite so literally.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Canada Day

Happy 149th Birthday, Canada!

The VSO performed in Whistler.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sun Run 2016

I took a week off from running post-SunRun but I hadn't meant to delay blogging about the experience by a week. However, the week got the better of me.

I liked the uniformity of the Blue Wave this year. A technical event t-shirt was a welcome change.
All in all it was a good event, as usual, and my time was alright. To be honest, by the end of January I didn't think I'd be able to participate at all due to a knee injury. I rested it for about 3 weeks, then decided to take a stab at it. My training schedule had lots of holes in it (it's really the least I've ever trained for this event) but I persevered and ended up jogging the 10K in one second less than 61 minutes. My usual elapsed time is about 59-1/2 minutes so that's actually quite good (for me) considering the number of practice sessions I missed.

Shauna ended up walking the course too. It was kind of a last-minute decision, but the weather was perfect and she felt up to the challenge. I was done first so I managed to get  a pretty good photo of her as she approached the finish line. Wasn't that good advice I gave her to wear the pink shirt?

Sunday, April 3, 2016


As I've said before, one of the things I like best about this job is the travel. On Friday I was sent to Kelowna again. So far in 2016 I've been there 4 times. I like the flight, especially in winter (although technically now it's Spring) for the majestic views of the snow-capped Rockies. Early morning flights are best for the photogenic morning light.
Looks like a sizable snow pack this year.
When weather and available daylight permit I like to try to identify the plane's location from the air. I'm getting reasonably good at, but this time the return flightpath was new to me. I couldn't readily identify where we were until I saw the new Pitt River bridge at Port Coquitlam.

The Pitt River Bridge and adjacent train yard in Port Coquitlam.
SFU Mountain and beyond to Vancouver.
The old Port Mann structure is now completely gone.
The cranberry fields of East Richmond.
A few years ago we were walking along Jericho Beach and I noticed the largest car carrying freighter I've ever seen anchored in English Bay. On the flight home from Kelowna I'm pretty sure I spotted the same one from above, although it certainly looks different from this perspective.
New cars storage lot in south Richmond near Silver City Cinemas.

Weekend Walks

Today we took Tannah on a hike down the hill through Pacific Spirit Park to the Spanish Banks beachfront trail, then to the dog beach at the west end of the parking lot. She played with a Vizsla puppy for a bit, then found a new place to a hollowed out log.
Tannah's new beach house.
Last weekend we walked along the Fraser River in south Vancouver along what is now known as the River District. This heron was fishing, gingerly stepping through the shallows in search of his next meal. A few ducks were paddling a short distance away and I stopped and waited until one drifted into my viewfinder.
Birds of dissimilar feather don't generally hang out together...or do they?