Life of Dave

Life of Dave

Monday, January 16, 2017

Winter sunrises

I've discovered another pleasure of early morning running; photography. It's almost too easy with an iPhone. I carry the silly thing with me anyway for its running app.

Deer Lake sunrise in late November.

False Creek on Jan. 14, 2017.
And to think some people actually sleep through this time of day. ;-)

"Trump Inauguration" - Yes, The Donald!

It just keeps getting better and better...

Any bets that The Donald won't tweet something in response? This TV guide write-up just guaranteed I'll be glued to the telly this Friday evening.

I guess we should all take some comfort in the fact that some things in life remain completely predictable. I mean, didja see the SNL episode? Come-on Donnie, it was pretty funny. :-)

Trump doesn't seem to understand what's really going on here. Most people learned this stuff on the elementary school playground at recess. Perhaps after a fist fight or two, but still, eventually it should sink in, "Don't take the bait". If you react loudly and predictably every time you're provoked, they'll tease you relentlessly, just for the sheer spectacle of it. Not that I should be accused of giving the President-elect any advice. His Tweets might be the only bits of humour we'll get out of him for the next four years of his presidency.

Saturday, January 7, 2017


Snow-removal salt anyone? Anyone?  :-)

Monday, January 2, 2017


Happy belated New Year. And Happy Birthday to me. Looks like I got a white birthday this year. Whether I wanted it or not remains to be seen. However yesterday our New Year's Day/Happy (early) Birthday celebration was quite well attended despite the road conditions. From what I saw this morning the main arterial routes are bare and dry. Different story entirely for the side streets and back lanes. I was talking to my neighbour this afternoon and he showed me a video of his daughter skating in the intersection of cross streets just a block away from us. I'd heard on the local news of people doing that but hadn't seen it myself until then. To use a well-worn and incredibly over-used description, it is definitely an ice rink out there. I now have a nasty bruise near my elbow to prove it. Got it this morning walking Tannah attempting to cross a side street.

This is our back lane.

The North Shore mountains.

Believe it or not, this is the condition of a typical intersection in my
neighbourhood. Looks pretty, but don't try walking on it! 
And as much as I visually like the sight of snow and ice, I am getting kind of tired of it. A bit too much shoveling, slipping and falling involved. Spoken like a true west coaster I suppose.

The forecast is for clear and cold conditions for the next few days with more snow predicted for next weekend. I remember a big winter storm that was reported in Toronto a few years ago that rather turned into the butt of a joke since the Army was called in to help with snow clearing. But in Vancouver's current condition I'd suggest bringing in a Zamboni or two.  :-)

Monday, December 19, 2016

Traffic-geddon 2016

I've already grown weary of these Armageddon/Apocalypse-style snowstorm headlines. We need a new descriptor to mangle.

Not unlike a recent election in a NA country whose name shall not be spoken, this recent Vancouver snow dump would be funny if it weren't so painfully true. It's getting to be like the punchline to a joke. "Whadaya get when you cross an overnight mixed rain/snow forecast (i.e., no pre-sanding/pre-salting/pre-brining of major arterials and intersections) with a resulting snowdump of about 5" of heavy wet snow at morning rush hour?" Answer: "Vancouver!"

Wow...what a mess. As soon as I let our dog out this morning I knew I'd be working from home today. We live near the highest point in Vancouver, near QE Park. I walked the quadrant of Fraser, East 33rd, Knight and East 41st around 7 a.m. just for a ringside view of Metro mayhem.
Ice rink at Fraser Street at East 33rd Avenue.

Ice rink at Knight Street at East 33rd Avenue.
There was actually a sheen on the ice at major intersections. It was reported on the radio that the traffic lights at Knight/33rd were not working and cars were gliding through with brakes fully applied. But by the time I arrived the traffic signals were operational again.

Knight Street hill heading south from E. 33rd Avenue.
A little farther up the Knight Street Hill I witnessed semi-trailer truck drivers installing chains to get their rigs over the E. 37th Ave crest. This is not exactly the Coquihalla snowshed summit were dealing with here.

East 41st Avenue near Knight Street.
Even short (although somewhat steep) hills were bottlenecks due to minimal traction. This E. 41st hill heading west from Knight Street effectively halted westbound bus passage.

Seven eastbound E. 41st buses in a row! Parked!
Again, if it wasn't so true, it'd be funny. Even up until 11 a.m. I didn't see any moving buses in this quadrant.
Here are 4 Fraser buses parked: 2 on either side of E. 33rd.
I'll be watching the tele safely from my couch this evening to see how the day's-end commute pans out.

Pampas Grass carnage
Disappointingly, my Pampas Grass finally succumbed to successive onslaughts of wintry precipitation. Up until last night I'd managed thus far to knock accumulated snow off the plumes with a broom handle after each snowfall. But last night the heavy wet flakes fell too late through the night/early morning for me to have prevented devastation. Oh well, out come the pruning shears.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ferris Wheel(er)'s Day Off

The weather last night didn't favour Shauna's Christmas Party. We had heavy wet snow in East Van and figured it would be at least as bad on the steep streets of North and West Van so we didn't chance it. Thus Shauna was a bit out of sorts and we were looking for something to do to cheer her (and us) up.

Surprisingly, I'd heard of a ferris wheel, of all things, having just been erected in Queen Elizabeth Park for the Christmas season. A perfect destination for a snowy evening.

Ferris wheel fare includes admission to the Conservatory.

Quite a magical sight for a cold winter's evening at the highest point in

Bringing a bright bit of Carnival to Vancouver.

Definitely a mood picker-upper! And,being the first night of operation, with
inclement weather restricting road traffic, we were the only passengers on
our ride.

We could still faintly make out the lights of downtown Vancouver from the top,
despite the heavy wet flakes of snow.
Needless to say we highly recommend this new Vancouver Christmas attraction. Especially when combined with entry into the Conservatory. The parrots are fascinating. I had no idea there are more than 200 birds in there.

Friday, December 9, 2016

The Great Divide

Just as I was beginning to think I'd be desk-bound for the rest of this calendar year, along came an assignment for a property condition assessment in Dawson Creek. It's about an hour's drive south from Fort St John. A very cold place this time of year; -24C! I manged to arrange the trip a day before a forecasted big dump of snow occurred here in Vancouver. I didn't want to chance missing my flight due to typically crazy Vancouver snow traffic.

The day turned out to be sunny for the majority of the flight; especially perfect for gazing at snow-capped peaks.
A light dusting of snow in Vancouver and the eastern fields of Richmond.

Long early morning shadows at Metrotown and Central Park in Burnaby.

The snow-covered coastal range really was spectacularly highlighted courtesy
of the rising sun. Heli-skiing anyone?
On several flights to the Fort St John region I've never before seen the divide so clearly between the coastal mountain range and the northern plains. I'm not even sure that "northern plains" is the correct geologic terminology, but the change was certainly evident from this height.
The great divide.

The patchwork of fields approaching Fort St John.