Life of Dave

Life of Dave

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sun Run 2017

Another successful Sun Run under our belts. Today I posted my 5th best elapsed time (58:35) in the 12 years since I've been participating in this event.

That's us in front of the Hotel Vancouver in the "Green" staging area.

Who knew the green group included dinosaurs?! (Actually I guess dinos
run really fast; these ones were in the "Yellow" group.

The "after" party in BC Place.

Friday, April 14, 2017

False Creek Light Show

The weather has been pretty cold and dreary this Spring, so today's patches of sunlight drew us to False Creek to walk our dog. The light for photography turned out to be fantastic. This time of year is really good for drastic contrasts; bright sun against dark, ominous clouds.
Science World.

That ominous squall in approaching from the west never did
catch us. Perhaps it was receding. 

Pillar art under the Cambie Street bridge.

I even managed to get a "stealth" shot of pirates moored in False Creek.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Icelandic Blues

Last night we took in the second of Kaleo's two Vancouver shows. Shauna bought tickets late last year right after the shows were announced. Nonetheless I was still pleasantly surprised to see how close to the stage were ended up. Row 7, although on the far right side.

However, I should have known it was too good to be true, because just as Kaleo hit the stage the usher appeared with a couple claiming we were in the wrong seats. Apparently we were (ours were 10 rows back) but these were the seats the usher had directed us to originally. No big deal. Our new seats offered an additional entertainment factor; a really drunk middle-aged couple that wouldn't stay still. They roamed/staggered up and down the aisle adjacent to us, they danced, they fist-punched the air and generally fought gravity to stay vertical on an obviously intoxicating mix of what I assume was alcohol. I wonder how much of the event they actually remember this morning.

The show itself was incredible. Kaleo is exactly the calibre of band you want to catch in a small venue at least once. I predict their next tour through Vancouver will be on a substantially larger scale.
It was starting to get a bit hazy in the auditorium before Kaleo
started their set.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mt Seymour Sun Run Training

Here's rain-soaked me at our annual Mt. Seymour Demonstration Forest Sun Run training session. It's always my goal to reach the 5 km marker.

This year I was surprised at how much energy I still had to increase my pace at 9 km. I guess the Sun Run InTraining Run Stronger program is working its magic!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fort Nelson

Another northern BC trip under my belt. This time it was to Fort Nelson, a new destination for me. And again, as usual, I wanted to explore a bit since I had some extra time. My building review only took about 4 hours, but I’d only have had about 2 hours on the ground at most if I’d wanted to catch a same-day flight back to Vancouver.

My first stop was the Visitor Info booth where I learned that if it hadn’t been snowing, reportedly the conditions were right, high above the clouds for the Northern Lights phenomenon to occur. Better luck next time I guess. It snowed the whole time on this trip. It wasn’t ridiculously cold however, only about minus 10.
I wasn't familiar with the location of Muncho Lake in relation to Fort Nelson
 so I asked. Turns out it's about 3 hours west. No time to drive that far this trip.
Too cold for jogging outdoors, but since I’m training for the Sun Run next month I didn’t want to miss a training day. I was resigned to probably having to use the hotel treadmill. Not exactly ideal. The Visitor Info office came to my rescue by introducing me to the new Aquatic Centre right next door which houses an indoor walking/running track. And it’s free! This discovery, added to the hotel swimming pool (with corkscrew water slide) and hot tub more than compensated for the snowfall.
A bit too early for picnic season.
Another item from my Visitor Info session was that just up the road was a turn-off onto the Old Alaska Highway. It looped back to the main highway a few miles north of town so I took a drive. In reading the map I’d noticed that this intersection coincided with an access road to Parker Lake. It was of course snow-covered, but flat and recently traveled judging by the many tire tracks. In a couple of kilometers I reached the lakeshore to discover a tracked vehicle plowing the surface of the frozen lake. I had exited my vehicle to get a couple of photos, and as I stood there two snowmobiles approached. They stopped and I asked one of the pilots what was happening on the lake, as the previous day when I’d first checked it out it had been desolate and pristine. He informed me that there would be a sled dog race occurring on Saturday. Wow…can’t get much more Northern Canadian than that.
The access road to Parker Lake.
Parker Lake.
If you're looking for a place to happen, I'd suggest this is it.
I think this is a turning point for me. Upon arrival in small towns and cities I'm unfamiliar with, time permitting, I will definitely seek out a Visitor Info booth.
Can you believe it? They had the actual furnace that cremated Sam McGee at the
 museum across the road from the Visitor Info office.  ;-)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We celebrated Tannah's 10th birthday this past Sunday. We even got her a cake from a pet supply bakery on Main Street. We don't normally go nuts for a dog's birthday, but considering she's 10 and just got a good report from the vet, and of course since she's just such a great dog, we decided to have a bit of fun this time.


Happy Birthday Tannah!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Snow Fatigue

This year I think we're getting a sense of what winter really is for the rest of Canada. I think I may even be starting to sense "snow fatigue". As you may have guessed, it snowed again in East Van last night. Honestly, I can't remember a year where it snowed this much in four consecutive months. Mind you, I've only lived in Vancouver 17 years. The rest of my memories are from White Rock, but in terms of distance it's not that far away. However, I think where I live now is a bit higher in elevation.

Crocuses: normally a sign of Spring. Not this year.
Tomorrow's commute to work should be interesting. The snow has stuck to the side streets and it's forecast to dip down to about minus 1 tonight. That'll mean crusty ice tracks in my 'hood tomorrow morning. Maybe next year we'll revert back to the norm and I'll actually appreciate our typical West Coast catch phrase regarding the rain; "At least ya don't have to shovel it!"